Adventures in Food

A silly old bear named Winnie-the-Pooh once said, “there’s a rumbly in my tumbly, it’s time for something sweet.” While Winnie can get away with an all-honey diet, the rest of the bears of the world need to balance their sweet indulgences with healthy-yet-delicious dishes, too. To that end, this bear proudly introduces The Rumbly Tumbly.

My name is Alyssa. By day I’m a prosecutor (blarg!), but by night my real love for food comes shining through. If you need to find me, I am often found sitting on the floor surrounded my cookbooks, in the kitchen trying my hand at a new creation, or standing next to the counter, utensil in hand, with scrunchy-faced concentration as I critique my latest dish. Sometimes I cause the smoke-detector to incessantly beep, sometimes I spit out a bad bite of marinated chicken or a funky tasting cookie,  and sometimes I think I’ve died and gone to heaven because the recipe is so wonderful, but no matter the result, every day I get to spend in the kitchen makes me happy.

For The Rumbly Tumbly, 2015 is the year of adventures in food. By Day 365, I will have tried my hand at a minimum of 100 unique creations. Whether sweet, salty, or savory, I’ll follow wherever this journey takes my rumbly tumbly and I’ll be sure to photograph the adventures along the way.

So here I go- culinary adventure awaits!


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